Driving Dealer solutions offers two sleek website designs that are both user and search-engine friendly. Pair these professional sites with our Conversion Tools, and you're bound to turn your visitors into happy customers.




Group Sites

  • SEO-friendly. Website optimized for search engines for easy navigation
  • Responsive. Website that automatically resizes for most mobile devices
  • Modern Design. Customization options for colors, images and calls-to-action
  • DMS Extraction. Extract car data from your dealer management system instead of adding manually
  • New Vehicle Showroom. Use our 360-degree stock images to display new vehicles
  • Easy Editing. Regardless of skill level, anyone can update and edit their website
  • Analytics. Highly visual analytics to help you identify areas of improvement
  • Map. Map on your homepage shows your customers exactly where to find you






Group Sites

  • Video. Captivate buyers with a full-screen video that can increase your conversion rates by 20% -ReelSEO
  • Enhanced Design. Modern design elements like parallax scrolling to give 3D effect to cars
  • New Vehicle Showroom. 360-degree new vehicle images with custom layout options
  • Responsive. Fully responsive website that automatically resizes for all mobile devices
  • Map. Large enhanced map on your homepage with a pin and logo on your dealership's location
  • SEO-friendly. Website optimized for search engines with enhanced visibility and mark-up
  • DMS Extraction. Extract car data from your dealer management system instead of adding manually
  • Easy Editing. Regardless of skill level, anyone can update and edit their website
  • Analytics. Highly visual analytics help you identify areas of improvement




Group Sites

Unlike responsive sites, mobile websites are designed specifically to give mobile users the ultimate experience on-the-go. Features like larger buttons and "click-to-call" get them to continue their car buying journey, no matter where they are.

  • Shortened secure credit application forms
  • Click-to-call and click-to-book buttons
  • Easy social media sharing
  • Google maps with integrated directions
  • New and used inventory display
  • Google analytics

Once you have you're professionally-designed website, get your Website Conversion Tools to convert your traffic into appointments.


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Auto dealer websites have among the highest percentage of website visitors who don't take any action, from 85% to 98%, according to HeadCount. So how do you sift through the web traffic and engage the customers who are ready to buy a car?

Our six conversion tools will help you identify your prospective customers, keep them longer on your site, and get them engaged with your sales team to book appointments.




Live chat allows you to give a virtual handshake to your visitors, qualify buyers, and help them navigate through your site.

  • Get closer to the sale by meeting customers via text or video chats
  • Receive notifications when visitors have been on your site for a certain time
  • Encourage your most interested visitors to fill out a credit application
  • See visitors' click-path and keywords used as they navigate your site
  • Converse with visitors in 50 languages
  • Monitor results and reports

*Available in luxury package or stand-alone.



Track what your website visitors are browsing and send them promotional ads based on their interests.

  • Send targeted ads in real time
  • Lead visitors further in their customer journey
  • Set up multiple calls-to-action
  • Set up parameters for when ads get sent
  • Monitor results and reporting

*Available in luxury package.



Visitors can use this fun and interactive tool to build their dream vehicle in just 5 steps and share it on their social pages.

  • Customers pick the make, model, color, and extra features
  • Helps a customer visualize their purchase
  • Dealers can promote the most popular vehicles being built
  • Includes call-to-action buttons like "Make an offer" and "Test drive"
  • Adds SEO value to website from increased time on site and return visitors
  • Available in Intermediate and Luxury packages or stand-alone



Optimize your sales conversions by recording your phone conversations, call volume, duration and peak call times.

  • Calls to your local or toll-free number are forwarded to your business
  • Instant access to call data and reporting
  • See what campaigns and promotions drive the most calls
  • Optimize sales process and training by knowing how your calls are being handled
  • Set up multiple numbers to track how each sales rep is performing
  • Place different numbers on each print and digital advertisement to compare campaigns
  • Available in Intermediate and Luxury packages or stand-alone



Rebates from your manufacturer are automatically uploaded to your vehicle inventory and showroom.

  • Rebates updated daily or weekly, based on your postal code
  • Only displays relevant makes for your franchise
  • Built-in buttons like "Book a test drive" or "Click for pre-approved credit"
  • Dealership staff can easily identify stackable rebates
  • Dealer can add their own rebate to close the deal
  • Includes regional and national promotions
  • Available in Intermediate and Luxury packages or stand-alone



Display all your new-car inventory to show customers the cars they can test drive right away.

  • Quickly add each new and used car to your site
  • Call-to-action buttons for:
    • Secure credit applications
    • Test drive requests
    • Trade-in evaluations
  • Available in Classic, Intermediate and Luxury packages or stand-alone



Just choose the package with the conversion tools that are right for you:

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Group Sites

Our SEO experts will review and optimize your site to help you rank higher in search engines

  • SEO audit of your website and social media sites
  • Keywords research and content creation
  • Fix errors like broken links and slow page loads
  • Add features like internal links and descriptive headings
  • One-on-one monthly calls with your SEO specialist
  • Includes local search optimization



Group Sites

We'll make it easy for car buyers to find your dealership by ensuring online directories have accurate information about your location, hours, and contact information

  • Review of your website and social media listings
  • Update your information on 15 - 25 popular local listing sites
  • Monthly or quarterly phone reviews with LSO experts



Group Sites

Turn your ordinary listing into an engaging advertisement that includes car images, larger font and ad extensions

  • We create ads to promote your website, vehicles, and finance rates
  • Pay-per-click ensures you only pay when someone clicks on your ad
  • Include ad extensions such as a "click-to-call" button directly on your ad
  • Ads are shown only to your target audience
  • Instantly see how your ads are performing and which work best



Group Sites

Programmatic advertising allows you to hyper-target your ads to car buyers by age, gender, values, online searches, and shopping history

  • Decrease ad spend by only sending ads to highly interested shoppers
  • Software chooses best location for your ads based on your audience
  • Advanced targeting based on their opinions, values and purchase history



Group Sites

Advertise on our 200+ trusted print and digital brands across Canada like The National Post, Vancouver Sun, and The Province

  • We reach the largest English-speaking audience in Canada for online news
  • Our news brands reach over 600,000 Canadians who intend to buy a new vehicle and over 350,000 who intend to buy a used vehicle from a dealer
  • Postmedia's online audience is 6% more likely to go to automotive websites than the general Canadian population
  • 60% of new car buyers are influenced by newspapers in their path to purchase
  • Build brand awareness with our featured content, special inserts & flyers

Source: vividata Q1, 2016