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Real-e-Live People (ReLP) & Ad-O-Matic


Real-E-Live People Chat was developed for the serious On-line merchandiser. Whether you're using the automated chat feature or the Patented self-presenting ad campaigns using Ad-O-Matic, you will increase your sales, enhance your customer service and support while at the same time save money on your bottom line.

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Build & Price


Driving Dealer Solutions  " Build it, Price it" was an Industry first and today is still the leader in providing consumers with today's most up to the minute, real time data on the vehicles your customers are wanting to research and consider for their next purchase. Build it, Price it increases page visits, time on site and helps you sell more vehicles.

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New Vehicle Showroom


New vehicle showroom databases are available for all automotive makes and models. Driving Dealer Solutions New Vehicle Showrooms are included with most Driving Dealer Solutions' website systems and can be easily integrated into websites designed by other providers.

Driving Dealer Solutions' data management team keep the marketing content, specifications and photo galleries update for you so you can focus on sales rather than keeping your manufacturer's new models updated on your website.

Driving Dealer Solutions New Vehicle Showrooms include the same lead generation, management and reporting tools as the inventory systems

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New, Used and RV Inventory Merchandising & Management Systems


Driving Dealer Solutions can help you ethically capture MORE qualified leads from your inventory online along with complete contact details on each and every customer. These are NOT just your average leads generating requests for more information, Driving Dealer Solutions gives you highly targeted leads that convert into more sales with the automotive industry's leading inventory management and merchandising system.

In addition to the easy-to-use on-line forms for adding and editing your vehicle listings you can save thousands of dollars in time with batch uploads for all your data and photos. Instantly upload your vehicle inventory from a spreadsheet. This file can be created by your staff or can come directly from your Dealer Management System (DMS).

Better still, Driving Dealer Solutions inventory system has specialized versions not only for used vehicles but also for certified pre-owned, new vehicle inventory, recreational vehicles, and lease take-overs.

Driving Dealer Solutions gives you the edge with one system that updates your inventory everywhere:

  • Your own website
  • Your dealership group website
  • Your dealer association website
  • Automotive Portal websites

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Domain Registration and Transfer


Have you ever lost your domain because you let it pass the expiry date? Did your competition pick it up and use it against you in your market? Driving Dealer Solutions manages your domain and any sub domains that you may have and makes sure that this will never happen to you. Ask us today for our long term discount on domain management.

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Custom Integration and Design


Is your website just another static billboard in cyberspace? Does it really portray your dealership's corporate image? Driving Dealer Solutions has the design team for you. Starting with a complete and comprehensive design analysis of what your dealerships' corporate message is. We will create what you need, when you need it.

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