Build & Price


Build and Price

Build It, Price It software and All Makes Build & Lease software can help your dealership generate more leads and sell more cars.

Driving Dealer Solutions provides auto dealers with this next-generation website software for consumer research and pricing. Driving Dealer Solutions' Build It, Price It software can help your dealership generate more leads and sell more cars. You can instantly add interactive vehicle configuration, research and pricing to any website.

The industry leading design and enhanced media options, offer consumers more choices and better flexibility. All of this adds up to more time spent by consumers on your dealership's website, and more requests from potential customers such as: no obligation offers, secure online credit applications, trade-in appraisals, test-drive requests, monthly payment quotes, referrals to friends and automated electronic brochures.

For car buyers, these tools are accessed through your dealership's site which configures and prices vehicles, then submits detailed requests in a user experience that never takes them away from your dealership's site. For your dealership, it's a plug-and-play addition to your existing web presence that provides an instant online showroom with detailed interaction and specialized content that still reinforces your own brand.

Why Use Driving Dealer Solutions' Vehicle Configurators?

In addition to a step-by-step menu selling process developed by Driving Dealer Solutions The Build It Price It system uses the most complete, accurate and up-to-date databases of vehicle prices and specifications available in Canada from JATO Dynamics. JATO is the leading supplier of automotive market intelligence, world-wide, providing updates every day of the week. JATO's researchers work in 45 countries sourcing thousands of vehicle data items, providing consistent, reliable and comparable information on all brands and models.